A number of office building construction services in Delhi have started to add one more service to their list. This is floor planning. Floor planning is becoming a must these days for each and every type of building. Since the earlier days, quite a number of people have been getting floor planning for their residential areas. But the audience for commercial floor planning was significantly low.

What is a Floor Plan?

Floor Plan is like an orthographic view of the floor. This view basically represents all the elements of the floor, such as rooms, spaces, traffic patterns and other physical features. Floor Plans aid the construction with specifications and other details.

What are the Types of Floor Plans?

Floor Plans are basically of three types:

2D Floor Plans

A 2D floor plan is a diagram of the floor that shows the complete layout of the space from above. It includes even the walls of the rooms. Just saying 2D suggests that the floor plan will be in the form of a “flat” drawing, without providing any perspective or depth. A 2D floor plan can be in the form of a sketch, a blueprint or computer drawing.

3D Floor Plans

A 3D floor plan is also a diagram that showcases the layout of the property, but, in 3D. 3D simply means that the floor plan will also show perspective and height, both at the same time. This also means that unlike a 2D Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans are bound to have more detail. Hence, 3D floor plans make it easier for everyone to understand the space.

Live 3D Floor Plans

A Live 3D floor plan is just another step upwards from the 3D floor plan. The basic calculation and other stuff remain the same. The difference is in the presentation. This plan is not presented on a sheet of paper, but digitally, as a virtual walkthrough. This plan gives the exact feel of what the building will be like.

Why are floor plans necessary for commercial buildings?

The best office building construction service in Delhi would always recommend you have a floor plan. Do you know why? Here’s why:

  • The floor plan gives visuals to your ideas, it clarifies you about what actually needs to be done. It also shows how everything will come out in the end.
  • The floor plan is a blueprint approved by you, that acts as the scope of work and guide.
  • It makes it convenient to make changes before the actual design comes up.
  • It reduces hassles up to a great level and ensures the project is successfully completed.
  • Creating a floor plan will also aid in the process of decision-making regarding the selection and purchasing of material.
  • Floor plan with measurements, helps you decide what type of furniture you want and how that will fit into place.
  • Floor plans are important for real estate agencies. They use the floor maps to communicate regarding the flow of space to all the potential buyers or renters.


Floor plans are an important element that any office building construction company in Delhi won’t neglect. Even when it is a commercial building, a good floor plan will always ensure that you have a good working environment.