The tradition of having open courtyards or angans in homes has been an essential concept of traditional Indian architecture. But modernity has taken its toll and such courtyards have disappeared much because of the proliferation of apartments and high rises.

There is some good news on this front- of late, many people are realizing the value of open angans or courtyards which provide fresh air, sunlight and adequate area for relaxation for the family. Angans can be crafted in marvellous designs to offer a different and innovative look. Modern homeowners are searching for the best building construction company which can build a home with an Angan.

The Tradition

Open Angans in homes go back a long time to thousands of years ago. The 13th and 18th century palaces mostly showcase the presence and importance of Angans in their premises.

With regard to North India, a grand example for a lovely Angan lies in the City Palace of Rajasthan which has a fabulous open-air royal courtyard. This is an example of how Indians of yore, appreciated the concept of open courtyards. They were valued for making the home vibrant, allowing the entry of sunshine and fresh air and becoming a much-loved space for relaxation, fun and games for the inhabitants of the home.

In ancient India, the angan or courtyard was a popular place where princesses and their attendants would congregate, talk and laugh to create lasting bonds with each other. This concept was also much present in South India where the ancients termed the courtyard as ‘Nadumittom.’ In this case, the courtyard was built exactly at the centre of the home. For instance, the Mysore palace has an opulent courtyard where the ruler hosted grand assemblies.


In the ancient era, Indians built courtyards at the nucleus of the house, for construction in a central position in the house. Get building construction service to place your Angan at the centre of the home.

With Gardens

This placement of the courtyard amidst a garden is a concept that is growing popular gradually. Many homeowners plan to get an Angan constructed such that it houses a garden, providing a green and natural ambience. Undoubtedly, such green Angans provide a breath of fresh air and a positive vibe to the home.

As Per Vaastu Shastra

According to the ancient Indian science of architecture or Vaastu Shastra, a central location in the house is the perfect place for an Angan. As per the science, it is believed that a central courtyard strengthens relationships between family members. This is natural because the Angan is a place where there is ample room for the family to spend quality time together. This concept is especially popular in South India.

Seating Arrangements

The Angan is an ideal place to make furniturearrangements like dining table, lawn chairs or even a dainty coffee table. In many Indian homes, a Jhoola or a swing is a common addition. In a big courtyard, you can make multiple seating arrangements. This is the bestplace to chill out, read a book, enjoy sunshine and fresh air. Though one may be attracted by swanky spaces like skyscrapers, the charm and beauty of a little, green courtyard is matchless.

Humans by nature do not like closed spaces; most prefer closeness to nature. Both sunshine and shade are liked by people, based on the climate. Angans or courtyardsoffer cool and fresh air in summer and plenty of sunshine in winter.

These are all some aspects about Angans or courtyards.