Building construction is an uphill task, which requires huge finances, great workforce and a lot of time. However, the tedious process of constructing building yields a satisfying result of a permanent asset. The building construction process is an elaborate one and each stage requires care and precision. Before you decide of getting a building constructed you must know the purpose of construction, its utility, finances to be incurred etc. Before you set off to construct a building, a few pre-construction steps are to be taken care of. We list below the basic steps taken in building construction.

  • To choose a plot of land- The first and foremost step in the construction of a building is to find a suitable plot of land. The land you choose must be suitable for building construction. Check to ensure that all necessary facilities are available in close proximity to the plot. It should not be entangled in legal issues and pending charges and such should be free from all land-related affairs. You must enquirer in detail about the land that you intend to buy. You can do is by researching online or taking help from real estate agents/brokers. Collect all necessary information related to the land and its adjoining areas before you buy one. Evaluate the cost of the land so that you don’t end paying more than the actual market rate of the land
  • Seek technical assistance- Once you have chosen the land for building construction, the next step is to seek help from a professional architect to create the design and layout of the building. An architect will plan the designing as per the requirement of the building, number of flats and shops based on your budget and requirements. After taking help of the architect it’s time to consult a structural engineer to get details of your building construction like the depth of your foundation, the size of the gravel that will be used, the width of the pillars, etc.
  • Permission from authorities- Once the building project is planned prepared and finalized its time for the building project to be executed. Before you start the execution process, you need to take permission from the local municipal corporation body. Before you apply for permission, you must submit certain documents. These documents may differ from one state to another. Some of the common ones are the land survey report, soil test report of the plot, land documents, architectural drawings, etc.
  • Choose a builder- You must choose a good reputed building construction company in Delhi to get quality of work and timely delivery of the project. Make a thorough investigation about the builder before you hand over the work to them. The contract document must mention all the work related details, mode of payment, time taken for the completion of the project etc. Terms and conditions should be checked and understood before you sign a final deal.

We hope the above steps involved in construction of a building will help ease your task and make your dream of constructing a building come true.