The construction companies are separated into different types depending upon the type of job the companies accomplish. Acrest visualizes many of the top construction companies in India. The role in the construction such as procurement of land, design, financial planning, completing, operating, continuing and paper work  denote the edifice company type.

Types of Construction Companies

Depending upon the job they perform, what are the different types of construction companies we are leading today are classified into following types:

  1. Small Renovation Contractors

Small renovation contractors normally work on jobs requiring small amounts of capital and the type of work that does not necessitate much estimating or a large construction administration. They usually perform home modifications or small profitable and office work. Many small renovation contractors have their offices in their homes and perform the ‘‘paper work’’ at night.

  1. General Contractors

These companies often are authorities in either new buildings or alteration work. Many building contractors delegate a major portion of their work, while modification contractors generally perform many of the trades with their own forces. Some general independents specialize in public works.

  1. Owner-Builder

The company that acts as an owner-builder is not a contractor in the strict sagacity of the word. Such a company figures buildings only for its own ownership, either to sell on achievement, or to rent and work. Many owner-builders, on occasion, act in the -bulk of general independent or as construction manager as a sideline to their main occupational of building for their own account.

  1. Real Estate Developer

This is a sort of owner-builder who, in totaling to assembling for private possession, may also build to sell before or after completion of the project. One- and two-family home builders square measure enclosed during this class.

  1. Professional Construction Manager

An individual, or a group of individuals  is also bordered by the professional construction manager who perform the characters required in building a project as the agent ofan owner. The construction management organisation sometimes provides all the personnel needed. Such personnel embrace construction superintendents, expediters, project managers, and accounting personnel. The manager sublets the varied parts of the development add the name of the owner and will all the mandatory workplace administration, field regulation, requisitioning, paying of subcontractors, payroll reports, and other work on the owner’s behalf, for a fee.

  1. Program Manager

A general contractor or construction manager could expand services by endeavor program management. Such services can embrace, demolition of existing buildings on the site, devising and providing financial analyses of new buildings. Supervising their services, performing pre construction services during the planning stage, advertising for and receiving bids from contractors.

  1. Package Builders

Package builders typically use their own employees of architects and engineers, as well as construction personnel. Some package builders subcontract the look portion to freelance architects or engineers.