Everyone dreams of having a house of their own but the construction is a herculean task taking months or year. However, the task can be simplified a bit by dividing the construction process in stages and planning in advance. Documenting the steps to building your house and maintaining a checklist can make sure that the construction process is smooth and successful.

According to the building construction contractors in Delhi, the entire design and approval should be completed by the time the project begins. It is to be known that the architecture of the house and the structural design is handled and approved by the civic body. Also, the soil on the land is tested along with choosing the right foundation. Then, detailed drawings are made for the execution done by builder.

Further, a construction service or contractor is chosen for executing the construction work. You also need to arrange for finances. The payments will be made in phases.

Let’s have a look at steps involved in construction of house:

  • The first step is foundation and column footing. The soil condition determines the type and depth of foundation. The distance of your house from the boundaries must be in compliance with the civic laws. The foundation must be durable as well as water resistant and built with concrete brick and granite. The drainage flow must be taken care of.
  • Make sure the process goes as per the design so that the construction cost doesn’t surpass the estimated budget. Also, making any changes mid-way can be time consuming as well as expensive. Therefore, discuss about the design with the contractor and ask his approach. This will avoid confusion and disappointments. After all, you don’t build a home of your dream often. The site must be cleaned before the construction work begins.
  • The next step is to look for newer and better options for improving the efficiency of your construction process. With times, every sector has embraced modern techniques and construction process is no exception to that. You can make use of modern techniques and products like pre-cast lintels and pre-fabricated walls which can reduce time and cost of construction significantly.
  • It’s not just the contractor but even you should monitor the progress of the construction from time to time and compare it with the checklist made by you. Make sure that the work is in sync with the plan.
  • If there are any discrepancies or defects, bring it to the notice of the contractor.
  • Decide in advance whether the material will be brought by contractor or you will buy it personally. Construction of house needs several materials such as flooring tiles, wood work, paints, hardware, electrical wires, plumbing, window frames, etc.

Construction of your home is a huge investment and when you are doing it from scratch make sure everything is in sync with design and approvals. Once the construction is done, if there are minor flaws, ask if there is any scope for fixing them.

These steps can make building the house of your dreams easier.