Everyone wants to have their own dream home, but it will take so much time to convert your dream into reality. You have to put many efforts and to follow a proper procedure in order to start your dream home. Before starting the construction of your residential to need to prepare and plan for its approval from the authorities. Acrest Constructions is all set to fulfil your dreams relating to your home. With the help of them, it is now easy to construct any building either it is residential or commercial.

Before starting your residential building construction, there is a proper prescribed process that you must undertake for the approval of your building construction. Here we will discuss that process.

  • Application of your building: You have to give notice to the authorities if you want to construct, reconstruct any part of your building. Various documents including conformity certificate, building plan, sale deed, prescribed fees, etc. should be deposited and submitted via online mode.
  • Hire your architect for your building:You must carefully choose the architect for the construction of a building that will provide a proper construction plan.
  • Online approval: all the formalities should be met via online mode like submitting documents, receipts for the application, etc.
  • Submission of documents: You need to submit the following documents to the authorities:
  • Title deed: title deed is important to verify the ownership of the building or any plot.
  • Building plan:Submit a copy of your building plan to the authorities for the approval the requirement for the building plan can differ from place to place.
  • Proof of entitlement: You have to submit a proof of ownership like sale deed or lease deed.
  • Other certificates: After this, many other certificates are to be submitted with the authorities, which include MULBAcertificate, completion certificate, and supervision certificate, and so on.

 Your plan of the building also requires approval from the authorities; you have to follow a proper procedure for it.

  • Application of building plan: Your application for the building plan will only be considered valid when it is made on the prescribed form, fees paid, and submitted along with the documents.
  • Validity of the building plan: Those plans which are sanctioned are valid for a period of two years. If the building is multi-storey, then it will be valid for a period of five years.
  • Apply for the revalidation of the application: If your building is not completed within the valid time period, then you can apply for the re-validation of your building plan. If you have made any changes in the building plan, then you must send a revised plan for the approval.

So, these are the following points that will guide you on how to proceed for the approval purpose of your homes. The process for approval will be different in case of the industrial or commercial construction process. So, make yourself ready for the formalities of residential construction services. Contact Acrest Constructions for more details or any guidance.