Home- home is not just a word. It is not just a place. It is not just a building. Home is a feeling; home is the residence of love. Home is the museum of memories. We spend years saving and planning for our dream house. We will be living in there for the rest of our life. So, isn’t it important to make it error-free too?

We take ought to take some consultancy advice from a house construction company in Delhi and other respective places. But before that, here is a list of common mistakes to avoid when building a new home:

DIY love

A general contractor is the coach of the team of subcontractors. He makes sure that all of the work is done with the utmost care, remains within your budget and gets completed on schedule. He has connections and relationships within the industry. No matter how smart you are, you can’t gain any of these without experience. Moreover, subcontractors are not likely to follow or take you as seriously.

Laidback approach

Your home is going to be one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your life. Participate in decision making. Make sure to read and understand every single term of the contract. You may even get a lawyer for review purposes if felt necessary.

Bid analysis 

If a builder promises to get your dream home built 1lac. Rs. cheaper and also two months quicker, then you have the right to feel that there is something being hidden. A builder could also present a very economic offer to get the business and then slowly might raise the expenses.

Even if no extra fees are charged, chances are that a significant difference in price is accompanied by a significant difference in the quality of materials too. Do you really want to spend the rest of life replacing everything one by one, every year?

Locating the Location

How convenient will it be to live near a supermarket, medical store or your school or office? 100% convenient, I guess! Now imagine living on a very busy street, where the horns and traffic sing songs for you all day and night. You will be fed up. There won’t be any peace. Streets are not quiet or family friendly. Therefore, make sure to do your homework before you get into buying the place.

Over Uniqueness is Appreciated by None

Take some time to look at all the homes in the neighbourhood. Don’t forget to make sure that your home is no different than other houses in the surrounding area in terms of size. Too small or too large home in the neighbourhood is the hardest to sell.

Keep the styling of your home in line with the style of rest of the locality. A too different home is going to become different in a bad way.

Have a budget 

It’s always good to establish a budget in whatever you do, even if it is building a home. The budget must also Include a fund that could support unforeseen circumstances


Contact some good house construction company in Delhi or in your locality.At the end it’s your home, so invest your time and care. Make sure you give your dreams an actual shape, size and love.